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Frequently Asked Questions

Why don't I just shoot my own video?

You could. Plenty do and they look fine on Youtube, or Facebook but would it really portray the image you want on your own website? If you want your business video to look professional, you should get a professional to make it. Using broadcast standard cameras and skills honed over years in the business, My Virtual Visitor will create a high-quality video that makes your business look great on the web.

What will it cost?

That depends on the scale and complexity of the video you want. We can shoot a promo at prices starting around £400.   

Okay, I think I'd like to take this further. What do I do?

Give us a ring or contact us by email. We'll talk about what you want, and help you consider your options. If we're not the right people for what you're planning, we'll tell you - and refer you to someone who is. If you ask us to get involved, we'll take it to the next stage.

What's the next stage?

We'll send you an outline of the proposal, and a statement of the costs you'll incur. We'll also give you a copy of our terms and conditions. If you agree, we'll arrange a date for the shoot.

What do I do on the day of the shoot?

We need you to make sure that the facilities and personnel that are scheduled to appear in front of the camera are in place and ready when they're needed. And that those from your organisation who are to appear on screen know what will be asked of them (we'll have talked that through before we arrive). And we'd appreciate the odd cup of coffee (milk, one sugar).

What if I want a particular piece of music in the soundtrack?

Getting clearance for your favourite One Direction track may be difficult! At best, it'll take a while & will cost a fortune. At worst, it might not even be granted. Any commercial music is likely to be very expensive. We tend to use Royalty free music, which you probably won't recognise but you might well end up whistling on your way home. It's usually included in the cost of the video - we'll make that clear when we quote.

Can you put my logo into the video?

That's not a problem, although you'd need to supply the artwork in a form we can use. If any additional costs are likely, for instance graphic design, we'll warn you at the outset. The bottom line is - it's your video, we'll do what you want.

I want the video quickly - how long will you take to deliver it?

If you contact us today, we'll talk through your requirements and agree a timescale. It might have to be flexible if the shoot is weather dependant. It'll depend slightly on the complexity of the production but, generally speaking, we'll try to organise the shoot as soon as possible, and would hope to deliver the first draft around seven days later. In normal circumstances, we'd aim to hand over the finished video within three or four weeks of your initial contact. If you need it more urgently, let us know.

I like it but I wouldn't mind changing a couple of bits. Is that possible?

Of course! We'll send you a draft version for your approval and, once you've had a chance to consider it, we'll discuss what alterations you'd like made. The quote, which we'll give you at the outset, will have provision for one round of edits, so we'd ask you give us all the changes you want before the re-edit takes place.

What about copyright?

We retain half of the intellectual rights of all footage. But the video is yours to use and distribute as you wish.

How do you deliver the finished product?

However you want it. We'll get it to your webmaster in whatever format your website demands. And we'll liaise with your webmaster to sort out any wrinkles.

How do I contact you?

By ringing us on 0771 207 7979 ... or by emailing enquiries (at) myvirtualvisitor.co.uk

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