What can we do for you?

We'll turn your browsers into bookings

My Virtual Visitor will create engaging video content for your website; 

according to your wishes,
matched to your budget and
delivered to suit your website.

At My Virtual Visitor we use professional level Sony video cameras and the industry standard Final Cut Pro editing software. We don't have fancy offices or studios, or turn up with large crews or spend your money on needless overheads. When we need any specialist equipment or skills, we hire them in from our network of contacts in the industry. But, whatever your budget, My Virtual Visitor offers a custom product that will promote your business on your own website and beyond.

And we'll make it simple to get your video onto the web (without having to use YouTube). We can arrange the hosting of your video in an unbranded player to appear wherever you want it on your web pages.   

My Virtual Visitor... professional video without breaking the bank

Durhamhill Coach House. Price band: A

 Lockerbie Truckstop. Price band: B