What's the point of internet video?

The simple fact is that video works on websites. Name any of the big hotel chains across the globe and they're sure to have a video somewhere, either on their homepage or in the image gallery or tucked away somewhere on the site. And they do it because it works. My Virtual Visitor will produce a video of your hotel for less than the cost of an advert in a travel magazine - and it'll probably be seen by a lot more people! 

Putting a short promotional video on your website is a highly effective marketing tool, providing casual browsers with an engaging link to your business. Whether on your website, on a social networking site or sent out as part of the signature of your email, video has the power to stir the emotions more strongly than virtual tours, any number of brochures and online text or photographs.

It increases the appeal of your online marketing
It's easy to disseminate to existing and potential clients
It's highly cost effective
It's easy to accommodate on your website

My Virtual Visitor: major impact on your business, minor demand on your budget 

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